Due to the governments Covid-19 regulations, the Parish Council is now shut until further notice, as are the village halls. Obviously the position is being constantly reviewed.
Any queries, during normal office hours call; Val Severn, Parish Clerk on 07712 445260. 25th March’20

East Malling & Larkfield Parish Council

East Malling and Larkfield Parish Council is an amalgamation of the two expanding villages, covering 1078 hectares with an estimated population in 2001 of 12,700 / 2018 of 14,506. Situated 8.5km (5.5 miles) from Maidstone in Kent South East England, previously in the heart of the hop fields and fruit growing region that is now an expanding residential area, disected by the busy european road link M20.

What the council is is responsible for:
The parish council provide a range of local services including
4 village halls, 3 allotment gardens and various open spaces, complementing the wider range provided by Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council and Kent County Council.

East Malling and Larkfield Parish Council, Clerk of the council Mrs Valerie Severn, Church Farm, 198 New Hythe Lane, Larkfield, Kent ME20 5ST

Phone: 01732 844546 Email: office@emandlpc.co.uk

East Malling

ACCOUNTS 2019-20

East Malling and Larkfield Parish Council’s  Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2019-20, containing the Annual Government Statement and the Accounting Statement (summarised) were approved by the Parish Council. This document is a statutory document which explains the processess and procedures in place to enable the council to carry out its functions effectively.

AGAR – Annual Governance & Acountability Return, for the year ended 31 March 2020  file includes: ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ 
 * The Notice of the conclusion of the Audit 
* External Auditor Report
* Annual Governance and Statement 
* Accounting Statement

Income and Expenditure Account 2019-20

2018-19 Annual Governance and Accountability Statement

Precept 2021 Parish Councils
Comparisons of Precepts 2021/22

The function of the parish council

The Parish Council is the lowest tier of local government, being the closest to the residents, it is responsible for running village halls, some street lighting and open spaces within the parish of East Malling and Larkfield.
It should not be confused with a church council which is the Parochial Church Council.
The council consist of 17 councillors, 11 from Larkfield, 6 from East Malling, elected by the residents, who serve a four year term on a voluntary basis. It gives the ordinary residents the opportunity to have a say in local issues.


UK Government / Central Government
Tracey Crouch Conservative party
Tom Tugendhat Conservative party
House of Commons

Kent County Council
Mrs Trudy Dean Liberal Democrat
01732 843119 

The Council also:

* Comments to the Borough Council on planning applications
* Makes representations on matters affecting the parish to the Borough and County Councils
* Provides very local facilities such as public seats, maintains the local church yards and some street lights mainly in East Malling

The Council was formed in 1896 as East Malling Parish Council. Its name was changed in 1962 to the present East Malling and Larkfield Parish Council.

Borough council

Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council
East Malling Ward
 Cllr. Roger Roud
 Cllr. M. Tatton
Larkfield South Ward
 Cllr. Tim Bishop
 Cllr. Anita S Oakley
Larkfield North Ward
 Cllr. Mrs Trudy Dean
 Cllr. David Thornewell

meetings of the council

See page minutes of meetings

Parish Councillors 2020 

Councilllors 2020